Saturday, January 14, 2023


Hello and welcome to the official launch of my new website! Here I will make this my personal spot to post, draw, and brainrot to my hearts content; there will be no comment or subscribe feature as I’d like to keep things manual (so yes, you’d have to visit my page to see any updates) and overall simple with my space. I decided to move to this format because it’s honestly more peaceful to post and draw without having the noise of social media distract me from what I really want to focus on both personally and artistically. Not saying I don’t appreciate comments, I do, but sometimes it just gets overwhelming.

As for personal life, things have been hectic: big moves and what seems to be endless problems that come with them. Maybe 2023 will be the year that shit gets back to normal and I can finally LIVE. Sure things have been a bit better mentally but not any less stressful. When will it end? Hopefully soon, very soon, cuz a nigga is T.I.R.E.D. I don’t think I can handle another year of bullshit- one of these days I might just pop and start acting like an ape LMFAO.

Now let’s get into the gift I have for you guys: 


Inside my brush pack contains 9 brushes which I will list here with a short description-

Hard Pencil - Self explanatory, it’s a very rough pencil brush that can be used for quick and precise lines, or messy bold sketches.
Charcoal Pencil - Self explanatory, a charcoal pencil for a rough, gritty texture in sketches. Adapted from the Hard Pencil.
Delicious Crayon [S/P]* - Also adapted from the Hard Pencil, this brush is used for more simple coloring but can be used to layer and make for some interesting rendering styles.
Glaze [S/P]* - Very wet brush, can either be used as a glaze or as a paint brush on its own. This brush can push and pull with colors which can make for some interesting looks when layered.
Acrylic or Something [S/P]* - Thick painting brush that works similar to Acrylics, at least to my knowledge (it’s been a while). Great for layering in bold strokes.
Oil [S/P]* - Another thick painting brush that also has a good oily blend to it, it’s also a considerable fave of mine to sketch with.
Scratchy Grunge [S/P]* - Self explanatory, this brush has a very scratchy texture that can be used in painting. Very great to use with bold contrasting colors.
Coffee Stain - This brush is similar to, well, a coffee stain. This brush is also a considerable fave, it makes for a great wash and layering does the work for you as it gets darker in value as you go.
Wet Blend - Self explanatory, it’s wet. It blends. It’s wet blend.

[*] S/P stands for Sketch and Paint, I usually love brushes that can be used in more than one way so you’ll see this often in my brushes. You can use any of the labeled as a pencil or a paint brush : )

Now the example pieces for some of the brushes in question: 

This piece was done entirely with my Coffee Stain brush, I decided to do a thylacine with this test since they’re very weird looking but have good form. The brush itself was nice to work with, its very wet and layers nicely, but can smear very well to make a great wash (tested to make an awesome vintage painting look).

Done entirely with my Oil brush, this one was a bit difficult to work with at first but once it was going it was pretty fun from there! Like described before, not only does it make for a great oil brush, it looks super nice with sketches too!

One of my favorites, this was done with the Scratchy Grunge brush! It was very interesting to use, while difficult at first I found it works really great with contrasting colors as I described before. As you can see in the example, it has an interesting burn to it on top of its scratchy textures (this piece was edited with some sharpness to further show the texture it adds to the base).

Honorable examples:

Hard Pencil + Delicious Crayon


Charcoal Pencil

Anyway thanks for visiting my page, again this will be my new main hub for posting life updates, art, characters, drabbles and more! I’ve had a lot of fun making these brushes and the pieces with them, and I hope I can extend that excitement with y’all too. Still waiting on this job to contact me back, but honestly I’m unsure- back to job applications and adopts I go if any case. Sooooooo annoying! GRRR!

Oh right, those brushes— WHOOPS!
Here you go.
(Link is no longer available, if you have it you have it. Don’t ask/message me for it.)